Sunday, 30 October 2011

Five Farthings (again)

Getting there - really getting there with Five Farthings and the 'as yet unprogressed list' is satisfyingly short. I've emailed the artist, first and only, on the shortlist and hope that she would like to be involved.

As soon as I've finished with the morning's editing, I'll have an afternoon of packing parcels and checking the accounts. I'd rather have an afternoon with a large mug of tea and a new book, but it seems that I still have responsibilities!

Another book I haven't read yet, though it does intrigue me is Ballroom Blitz. When you do grow up reading quite a few novels set in the Second World War, the luxury hotel does loom large. I'm always interested in a 'behind the scenes' take which studies the political exiles and the staff. I suspect this will soon find its way on to the Amazon Wish List and may yet be a pre-Christmas present for me.