Sunday, 25 November 2012

Title 4 - Candy Nevill

On a weekend that's cold, wet and not exactly cheerful, I'm pleased to say that Candy Nevill has arrived. The novel is a wonderful comfort read and full of recipes, a strawberry farm, friends, family and sheer enjoyment of life. Wonderful graphic designer even managed to fit a single strawberry on the spine to tie in the themes of baking and strawberries. I'm really pleased with this novel - not least because I did want to find an unpublished novel as well as reprinting rare or forgotten books and this novel is now in print for the first time. There's also a preview chapter on the website, so I hope you enjoy it.

Cover image courtesy of Getty Images.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Candy Nevill - end November arrival

I'll begin with some really good news on a cold and damp day. Candy Nevill, my fourth title, is set to arrive at the end of this month (c. 30 November) and I'm really looking forward to posting out the pre-ordered copies. Republishing rare and interesting work keeps me happy and in business, but it's slightly more special to have found an unpublished manuscript and put it together. I feel relieved and grateful and ready to stuff padded envelopes. I've done my last duty and approved the cover proof. I'm really pleased with it - the novel's about cakes, strawberries and other edible delights, so a glossy picture of a triple-layered cake with strawberries sitting proudly on an elegant cake stand has really worked. The wonderful graphic designer's even managed to fit a single strawberry at the bottom of the spine for additional title identity.

One day, I'll frame up my cover proofs rather than leaving them neatly in a folder. I love the A3 prints that I'm sent and am keeping them safely for the time being. I don't have anywhere to hang them just for the moment, though I don't want them to go for recycling. They represent far too much work and decision-making for that!