Sunday, 25 November 2012

Title 4 - Candy Nevill

On a weekend that's cold, wet and not exactly cheerful, I'm pleased to say that Candy Nevill has arrived. The novel is a wonderful comfort read and full of recipes, a strawberry farm, friends, family and sheer enjoyment of life. Wonderful graphic designer even managed to fit a single strawberry on the spine to tie in the themes of baking and strawberries. I'm really pleased with this novel - not least because I did want to find an unpublished novel as well as reprinting rare or forgotten books and this novel is now in print for the first time. There's also a preview chapter on the website, so I hope you enjoy it.

Cover image courtesy of Getty Images.


  1. Just finished reading this book - it's so Clare Mallory!!! An absolutley delightful read, which (oddly, since I Don't Cry) brought me to damp eyes at the end. A lovely, lovely book!!!


  2. Thank you! It is the best sort of nice book with a happy ending.

    (I know I'm biased, but still loving a book you've spent over a year putting together isn't always easy either).