Sunday, 16 June 2013

June - rain streaming down and I'm still here

I'm still around, but very much stuck in the inbox as rights queries become trans-Atlantic complications and you're always waiting for office hours and time differences to work their way out. That always extends things rather and it isn't something you can book a phone conversation for either as one or other party needs to be close to a library or an archive.

I'd hoped to be able to add a school story to my list, but I've had no reply for a month from my first choice. Given that the author is still alive and writing I think they aren't interested. A 'no' might be more useful. However, move on to the next name and hope that first author has every success in their new genre.

The historical possibilities are more promising and first queries have been welcomed. People need time to consider, so I'm rather more hopeful.

Finally, thanks to everyone at BEA this May and June for making a fantastic event for us all. Your interns were especially good even when they'd been working long hours in unseasonably hot weather. More about BEA to follow - I brought home some very good reads.