Friday, 17 December 2010

Grey, pink and orange

This has been a lovely week: lots of wonderful orders (again, probably presents as I don't usually have so many men buying) and a booksigning with Jane Brocket of Yarnstorm at Persephone Books. When I arrived at the shop, a small cluster of hardy types were chatting outside while sipping mulled wine. Inside, there was barely room to turn around with your wine glass and it took a while to find Jane who was sitting towards the middle of the room getting on with a simple piece of embroidery. She'd worked the horizontals and verticals in regular yellow stripes and was happily filling in squares of pink, orange and (I think) purple while chatting to everyone. I suppose I'm not used to authors being quite so friendly and interested in meeting people - many are much more shy. She was kind enough to sign my book and I wandered home happily with a copy of High Wages which I'm rushing through; I may need to read it a second time for detail. It was a bookishly touristy day in London as I went to Persephone and then wandered home via the Charing Cross Road and Cecil Court. Quinto's complicated staircase with unequal steps is easier each time I carefully navigate my way down and they seem to have restocked recently with masses of interesting novels from the 1930s and 1940s on the shelves.

To veer in a completely different direction, I'm having a break from the blog from now until the New Year. However, the shop will be open over Christmas and will only be closed on standard public holidays.

Enjoy the festivities everyone and I'll be back in January.

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