Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday and catching up

I'll try and link a couple of things that have caught my interest this week. The first - a friend has volunteered with the Mass Observation Project and I'm delighted for her. I've read a couple of the books and some parts were fascinating, though other parts were hastily skipped over. I hadn't realised that this was an ongoing project and am pleased to hear it. I know there are occasional attempts to have some sort of internet archive, but nothing quite has the range of Mass Observation. Some sort of blog archive might be useful though.

The next is a new-to-me blog by Clothes in Books - it does exactly as the title says. I know my customers tend to read Girls Own novels, so are familiar with Anne's desire for puffed sleeves or Pauline's wish for elegance in spite of having a budget of pennies, but 'Clothes' (I don't know the writer's name) has taken all sorts of quotes from fiction, added an illustration and a commentary. They were kind enough to mention The Whicharts earlier in the month, though not my enduring memory of Maimie's love of new clothes at any opportunity. I'm still thrilled that people are rediscovering a lost/forgotten Noel Streatfeild and find it an interesting read. It's pushed me to reread Jane Eyre and look at the visit to the silk warehouse and witness her horror of bright colours and ostentation.

I've been continuing in much the same way as usual : searching for suitable novels to add to the list and seeking out copyright holders of those novels already shortlisted.

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