Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Look who I found on the frontage of the V&A at the weekend! A quick snap from the mobile's camera and I can add Christopher Wren to the blog. It really does pay to look up once in a while and look at details in the stoneware, carvings, faded painted advertising to see who has occupied the same buildings over the years. All sorts of layers adding interest to the modern city. Putting the title 'Wren-spotting' makes me think of birds as well as architects, then remembered the blackbird I spied the other week. He or she is nesting in the ivy in Lincoln's Inn and is so proud of the location, singing away and watching commuters on the bus as they pass. I'm trying to see more of London, so take a ride on the upper deck and watch the world go by. I can only really visit the City at weekends, so don't experience the same weekday bustle, but enough of the spirit of Five Farthings remains, even if there doesn't appear to be much of a residential community. There are still tiny independent coffee shops, the odd butcher and general hardware shop slotted in between coffee chains, clothes shops and banks.

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