Sunday, 15 July 2012

Vintage and Modern

Still reading, but not finishing the books I've started. Not that the books aren't gripping, more that I'm tired and in intense editing mode. That said, Joanne Harris's Peaches for Monsieur le Cure and Veronica Henry's The Long Weekend are keeping me happy. I always have at least one book on the go for the very simple reason that you feel like reading different books at different times. Two modern books are contrasted with a vintage book borrowed from a like-minded friend's collection. It didn't look like much on the shelf with a worn cloth binding, bit on the grubby side and no clear title visible. However, any book collector knows that's when you find treasures and so it's proving. Just look at these endpapers - 1930s girls on the lawn of their school sprawling around and reading on lush grass under shady trees.

I'm reading Theodora DuBois's Diana's Feathers and enjoying it so far. It seems to be an American boarding school story published in 1935. I know nothing more about it and may do a little more research when I finish. I've got through a lecture from an understanding headmistress, chaos caused by boisterous dog and the formation of a secret society already. It looks to contain all the standard elements of girls' own fiction and I'm waiting to see where the knitting comes in. That was the picture on the front board that I found attractive. You don't often see a heroine knitting.

Right - back to work and to see if any more orders have come in. I hope so.

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