Sunday, 5 August 2012

Wall to wall sport

I'm trying to steel my nerves to watch Murray and Federer battle for the Olympic gold medal in the tennis and so pleased to see that Murray has taken an early lead. I'm also trying to contain my anger that there are still seats free at both the gymnastics and the tennis that I haven't been able to purchase for the last year. I've barely read a book all week, though I've been error-checking Title Four as well as watching the Olympic cycling, sailing, showjumping, tennis and gymnastics. Much of my time is spent turning away to the computer screen to make a change and then being distracted by cheering on the television. It appears that I don't even have a suitable sporting vintage novel in my collection to reread: I was never a fan of pony books - lots of competitions, medals and rosettes there, but I only seem to have Noel Streatfeild's Tennis Shoes. I even skim over the netball, cricket and hockey matches in most girls' own fiction, so have a collection that reflects my own interests in music, cooking, crafting and the like. That said, I also skimmed the interminable descriptions of Chalet School Sales!

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